Ground Floor, 1 O’Connell St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia +61 1300 176 075


The Porter is an exciting new concept in curated and high-quality collaborative space. Managed by Haworth, The Porter is an active, curated space that helps the building ‘come alive’ by creating a destination in the lobby area. The space is thoughtfully crafted to provide the tools and environments for a wide-range of working requirements. You can enjoy The Porter for solo work, host small meetings or even create larger scale events. The flexibility of this unique environment offers the opportunity to create bespoke solutions according to your needs.


The Space itself will be continuously reinvented and refreshed with the latest collaboration settings and technology tools to support all work modes and collaborative activities. The Porter is driven by knowledge and data that is directly captured by the community that inhabits it, making it the most intelligent, seamless and production collaboration space of its kind.

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